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Gearing up

Very excited to be gearing up for the summer shenanigans. I have some truly great public and private gigs lined up this year and i really think big things are on the horizon. Make sure to continue visiting the website to be up to date on shows and current events pertain to your Island Cowboy.

A lot of great things have been happening around my music lately. Back in early March I was a guest for 102.5 and had the oportunity to perform a couple of my newer songs for their local catch series with the always fun DJ Kruser. You can find the vids on their website at and also read a great little bio the put up about me.

I was also given the chance to be a judge at the Singer/Songwriter Contest at Machaca here in Gloucester. Truly humbling to be thought of as someone who could be a judge of other musicians. It was cool to see some of the amazing talent from around the Northshore and Boston area and get to chat with them and become friends with some of them.

Anywho, hope you guys can get out this summer and spring to join me on my musical journey. We are going to have some real fun this year. Blog soon, John.

Update 2/22

Hey everyone,

Just an update here about how things are going musically.  I have recently been looking to perform more original shows as some of you may know.  Last week we had an amazing time at Koto in Salem, Ma with our good Friends from Jones Creek playing an original music set as well.  Keep on the lookout for my things like this in the future and make sure to get out come see me.

I have been writing a number of new songs and putting an extreme amount of time and effort into recording and arranging my new LP that will be coming your way in the future.  Make sure to get out and support the cause by streaming or buying my debut LP John Jerome, released in June of last year.  It is available on all platforms and locally at Richdales and 7-11 in East Gloucester, MA and Good Harbor Liquors on Rogers st. in Gloucester.

Thanks for reading,